Saturday, July 14, 2012

Doodling, Sketching, Thinking

Today I've tried to work on few environments at the same time to increase the speed of my workflow and there is also a bigger chance that at least one of the concepts that I started will be useful. At the same time I'm gathering equipment and people for my minor project, helping out the "Nanomators" and trying to get through the whole character design pipeline. I started from environments this time, because I feel that It would help my characters to have their own place to become more refined, have a purpose of existing. There is no point of creating a character if it doesn't have any background, so after this I will try to work out possible social layers and personalities created by the environment. I also found few older doodles with some rough ideas and I thought that maybe I could revive them and push them into more elaborated state with the story.

"Nanomation" character head turn-arounds:

Environment thumbnails:

Old doodles:

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