Saturday, July 14, 2012

Minor project idea discussion with the assisting people

Few days ago I had a meeting with all of the people that gladly agreed to help me out in my preparations for my minor project. We had a discussion of what I am trying to achieve and what is possible to do. Some time before that I completely dropped the idea of the script that I posted before since I decided to wait until I will have the finished sound track, because my project is supposed to be collaborative response to the sound, but I am still keeping the name and theme - "Synthetics".

I have listened to few examples of the soundtrack that has been shown to me on laptop and results were pretty good. I can't wait to see what else this person will show me next time. I asked him to check out modern stuff from the 80's to get some inspiration, but I am still leaving him freedom to do whatever he wants from the main word. It just seems a bit clearer to create something by having at least some sort of starting point. He watched "Blade runner" and came up with some more stuff. I've been looking where to get an affordable green screen just in case if I will need it to use. Filming with green screen or real environment is complicated and I am aware of that, decision must be made as soon as possible, but I guess I shouldn't make it before I get the finished soundtrack.

All in all I will have 4 people helping me out. Performer, Fashion designer, Camera man and Sound Engineer. Those people seem to know well what they are doing and hopefully everything will be fine and I will manage to get some stuff done until September.


  1. Hi Dom UCA has several green screen that you can use from portable ones to a full size screen with floor mat and we also have an attachment for a camera that simulates green screen.


  2. That would be really nice, but the only problem is that I'm still in Lithuania and I want to get ready before I come to England. By the way, thanks for the advice from before for the document approving that I'm a student, it worked out. :)