Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mapping things

Now I'm making a map of my environment. I just have to set up things before just going for it without having a plan. Architectural map is a good solution which is used widely in all kind of games. I will make a map a bit more interesting to look at and easier to read - not just with squares and circles, but drawing of buildings. In this case perspective is not that important, because it is more about placing things, not making them looking good yet. I also took some random examples to look at.


Gothic church always gives some character to the town, so I consider it one of a must attributes.  West front of Westminster Abbey or Notre Dame churches are perfect examples. The this that I'm not sure if I want to make it as a very luxurious or just a simple and clumsy town. If I will use those examples it automatically gets hyper exalted.

Next thing is a market. I imagine it more as a fun fair like square. Supposingly crowdy and loud.

The last necessary things are medieval bakeries, blacksmiths and other shops or factories.

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