Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Setting up the influence maps

I have my ideas a bit settled down and I already imagine what I could do and not really. I will try to make several more concepts of a town that would fit with the soundtrack. The town will be supposed to be as a game environment. Main influences are lineage 2 and silkroad online, because I loved how closely concept art was used in the game. The music reminds me glorious medieval and a bit romanticist castles, markets and docks. At the same spot I can not think about examples that I've seen in those two games. I'm looking for more lineart or blueprint concepts, because it helps so much to show up the detail.

Here are some concept from Lineage 2. The game was practically based on the textures. Modelling was very plane, but amazingly detailed textures fixed almost everything.

Silkroad online art is more about movement and journey. As the name is telling is influenced a lot by ancient road of silk which included all southern Asia, a bit of north-east Africa and a Europe. The historical influences are very obvious. Towns like Constantinople or Samarkand clearly shows all the influence and timeline.

I want to use examples of existing games and not just random concept art, because for me it makes much more sense. The artist must not only tap any random images, but bring back existing details and characters into certain plot, so in order to create a model as you expect you have to make properly clear to read image too..

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