Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adapting old Ideas to the project and pushing them forward

As I've started sketching out my town map, I thought that my soundtrack also reminds me journey and adventures, so eventually I remembered two sketches that I've done a while ago. They are showing a fortress in the middle of the sea from the outside and the inside. It kind of fits to my town concept by adapting these ideas it would only push everything forward in order to make it more interesting.

 This concept shows everything from the top. I'm still sorting things out where everything should be.

In the first sketch I made something like a maze with levels as you go up. tho whole thing is built on a cliff in the middle of the sea. It starts from the bottom with mines and docks, on the other side there is a crashed ship fitted to the purposes of the residents of the place with gardens and animals on top. Cliff is full of holes and windows which shows that there is something carved from the inside. And finally on top there is a temple with palace.

Second sketch shows the inside of the cliff with a titan holding the ceiling and a whole town arround it.

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