Monday, March 14, 2011

Mood of the soundtrack: Which is better?

I made two versions of the soundtrack: one more adventurous and happy and another more serious and sophisticated. It changes the animation radically, so what do you think? I will also change the keyframes wit the mammals, because some people have found some weird associations with it. :D


  1. For me, it's got to be Animatic 1 - with the more joyful, classical feel!

  2. I've been also wondering wether I should leave the last creature just standing next to the pen in the end or fly directly into the camer by making a black screem for the end?

  3. I don't like the creature/angel, Dom - if I'm being honest - at least, I don't like its final solidity - the whole ephemera of the ink drawings is their appeal, so maybe whatever remains should simply fade away too, leaving white space?

  4. Hey Dom - can you do the Student Survey? I know you've been struggling - any joy?

    you need to go here and log in:

    They will have sent your password etc. to your ucreative account. Your inbox will be full of round-robins etc., so do a 'subject' search for the 'student survey' and you should find a relatively recent email re. your login details: complete the survey and then leave a 'done it' post on the original post:

    The deadline for completing the survey is 25th March - so not long.

    Much obliged! (If you've already done it - apologies for cluttering your blog - but could you leave a 'done it' on the original post? Cheers!)

  5. Student survey done.

    I was thinking that the last figure doesn't really match the style of the whole animation(especially with the first music), so it could apear shortly (without using the last shown frame) with some almost dancing/jumping/running figures after it and dissapear. That would fill up last seconds and the ending would be that pen just stops splashing ink everywhere and falls down.