Monday, March 21, 2011

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Since Meg advised me to make it feel more as it a gymnastic pen and make much more research about how it should - I did it. I agree that right now my pen should be called creative rather then gymnastic. In this case I have found out that one of the most popular tournaments of ribbon gymnastics is a part of commonwealth games every four years. The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. Right now I am trying to attach some moves to my pen by using examples from Melbourne commonwealth games in 2006 and make some new more effective key frames.

Another advice from Meg was to decrease the amount of the time when my pen splashes ink around and leave it just for the culmination. I disagreed with this idea just because it was the only thing connecting my pen with the gymnastic adjective, so I decided to find another solution. Ribbon gymnastics is still just a part of rhythmic gymnastics tournament. It is also an optional tournament which might not be used every commonwealth games event. I think that I could reach my culmination by using different rhythmic gymnastics parts such as clubs and ball gymnastics and changing amount of ink. There is also rope gymnastics, but I’m really not sure of how I could use this one for my idea.

At first the pen could play arround with its plug for a while like a club gymnastic.

Later, it could throw up and catch one drip of ink with several spins in between.

And ofcourse grand finale should be lots of ink splashing arround like a ribbon.

I am sure that this should strengthen my three act structure.

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  1. Hey Dom - this goes back to our earliest conversation about a way to combine opportunities for making your pen truly 'gymnastic', while also making good use of the ink trails. As is true of many of your classmates, this more purist, performance-based approach is the way to go.