Saturday, March 12, 2011

New decisions for the pen animation

1. I've started doing some key frames and made it so that camera would change it positions during the pen's flight. I will try to show the examples as soon as posible.

2. I decided that pen could just start falling from the top without any hands or characters. This short would have less of the scenario in that way and it would talk more about what is creativity.

3. I was thinking to mix something with the garage band, but I still don't want to make a primitive soundtrack, so I thought that I could mix a bit of the song "Oh Yeah" made by Can in early 70's. It is one of the first so called krautrock bands and it is somehow hardly believable that this modern music is actually from that time. I want to make this animation kind of smooth, maybe a bit naturally hallucinogenic, so I will make the pen to move in the rhythm of the snare drum. I'll cut a bit of this song as it goes backwards up to 3.03 minute when you hear the explosion (explosion will be the end when pen touches the ground and ink splashes all the place around).

1 comment:

  1. Hey Domantas.

    I still like the idea of your first decision better. It shows a better entrance for the pen than just having it fall in.

    The music, I wouldn't know so I suggest you to ask Phil to make sure of that.

    Also, could you give me some feedback on my work please.