Thursday, October 28, 2010

Need a quick opinion for a begging angel position.

Which in your opinion is the best and most dramatick, locking?
Position1                                                                                  Position2

Position3                                                                              Position4

Position5                                                                          Position6

Position7                                                                              Position8

In my opinion 1st and 3d seemed to be the most interesting.


  1. position mumber 8! It's as if it's dancing in the air! :)

  2. i like them all but particularly 1,5 and 8 i think :)

  3. 7 is sexy
    5 is elegant
    6 is sultry

    Which does it need to be?

  4. in other words - what is the book asking for?

  5. But also number one is good because she is bending foward as it is said in the book. I'll try doing something in the middle of those two.

  6. It depends what they are to be used for, and in what context.. If it's a person in anguish over the fact someones died then 4 is the best. etc.

    In terms of appeal, 1 & 4 are my favourite.

  7. It should be an elegant statue of a winged goddess in her temple.

  8. another issue, Domantas - you're imagining your statue in a very 'western' way; but what is the ethnic characteristic of the people who sculpted it? Would it be styled differently? This is an issue of your world's logic? I'd like to see you take a good look at different sculptors and their influences in line with the geographic/temporal context of your original novel;

    for instance, check out the work of Jacob Epstein for a different manifestation of the female form...

  9. Ok, I've forgotten that hand position must be like trying to embrace something, the other important thing is that she is bending foward, but what about western shape... thinking about the style of the sculpture it was the first thing that came to my mind. The whole temple was unique I think because of mixed-cultural elements. The carvings beneath the sculpture should remind chinese symbols, the columns were totaly unseen and the main statue for an europen wanderer seemed to be "perfect and most gracious form" (That was the reason why I decided to take a realistic style of the sculpture and the other factor was the white marble which should be more popular in other regions). I haven't read the whole book yet, so maybe thats why I still have questions like: why the allmighty queen "She" must be white? In which african mountains could be a lost civilization? I've been really thinking about the world's logic, but it might be that I just didn't understood the description.