Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not working

So just taking a shape and putting it into the scene is not going to work. I have to change the camera angle, show more sky or something to make it more epic. It is going to be difficult, because I will have to use more imagination and wont be able to use the photos to get the perfect anatomical shape, because I'm not sure if I'll ever find a photo of pose that I want to have and from a right angle.
And heres what im thinking about now, but I'll probably have to change
the angle from the top as it would be possible to see more ground detail.


  1. This is a boring observation, Domantas, but can you sort out your presentation a bit? Just go for a standardised approach - position your images always in the centre, keep the text in justified paragraphs - and, you're a creative, graphically-literate chap, so let's see your blog start to represent those skills a bit more. I think it could be a more elegant place to browse...

    These drawings are great - your thinking process externalised - but I'd be interested to see the first of your influence map. Remember, Domanatas - one of the key challenges of this unit is the 'visual concept' - the rationale and design logic underpinning your visualisations; show me that you know this world intimately!

  2. It was a boring, but helpful observation. I will have this in my mind.