Thursday, October 28, 2010

She: A History Of Adventure - Henry Rider Haggard - 1886

So, I have two chapters from this book. First is about a "Temple of the truth" (A goddess of truth in the story is so called |Kor) and the second one is about walking through a mysterious flaming cavern. I am going to draw A main yard of the temple, it's outside and the flaming cavern. The action is somewhere in African mountains, so I imagine that It could be somewhere in Kilimanjaro even though it's hard to imagine a lost civilization around it with temples and everything. For my inspiration map I'm going to use these drawings:

What I like about these two is the variation of colours which I'm going to adapt to my cavern.

So there must be an extraordinary interior and exterior of the temple, but I'm going to focus on scratching out the shape of angel like marble statue of truth waiting for someone to take off her veil. 

Drawing sources:

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