Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Minot Project: Testing fluid effects and Realflow, changing cuts

Today I've been working on fluid effects and Realflow to see how they could look in realistic environment. These tests are glitching out very badly, but they still have potential to become into something more interesting.

While Rendering I am still refining the rest of the sequence by adding titles and making different cuts between the shots. Here is the latest one:

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  1. Dom :) Really excited to see that 'water' test against that brick wall - it's fascinating to see how 'there' it looks - the reflections on the surface etc - and I like the other-worldly rippling. `i know this project has been a tough one for you, but I'm really excited about this work and I encourage you to keep pushing on until you create something unique and 'never before seen' on CG Arts! Go for it! :D