Friday, August 3, 2012

@Phil Minor Project idea improvement

The music video that I will be making will be made for festival audiences. It will be very expressionistic, but simple. At the beginning I drew a Graph of the intensiveness that I hear in the music to know how much I should show every second. Since the song that I've got is built around only one note and it is very melancholic I've been thinking to make it exaggerating the feeling of loneliness. I would use insects symbolising society, crowd and mass against the performer which is very much detached from the creatures and can not get through it. Loneliness is often felt because of the disability to engage with the surrounding environment and that should be the exact thing to happen for the main character.

Here is possible scenario:

At the beginning you would be represented with the environment full of the insects.

Then you would be shown the outsider - performer.

She tries to grasp the bugs (maybe just because of the curiosity), but when she reaches and touches any of them - they disintegrate.

(It is not said if those creatures that she sees are actually real, symbolism or just girls imagination.)

As the intensiveness of the music grows, she tries to get more of them and fails in the same way.

As she is still desperately trying to grasp them, crowd of insects lifts up in the air forming oval swarm and flies out through the gap to the outside.

The girl is left staring at the gap (window, doors or whatever it will be).

As she stairs through that gap one of the insects lands on her shoulder and then there is a cut to the ending where we are not told if she even noticed it.

This kind of ending could lead to many assumptions of why the last bug did not disintegrated. One of those could be the saying that: "sometimes things that you want comes when you least expect it".

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