Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Final Grendel's concept

In this one I  gathered all the best stuff from last concepts and added some nice touches with both - Photoshop and Corel. Checking out Feng Zhu's tutorials and using some brushes from Maciej Kuciaras collection hellped me a lot, but there is still a long way to something what they do. I might still fix some little bits later.


  1. This is very nice Dom! and really stylised, by far your strongest concept for this character :)

  2. Hey Dom - personally, I think this design - while 'strong up top' takes a step back to the generic. I very much like all the knot-work on his chest, but there was something very satisfying about some of those more delicate line drawings you did of him - when he was just a bit more elegant somehow. I really liked the drawing you did with him having those great big legs - but they made him feel less of a threat somehow. Anyway, the point is, everyone is right - this design is absolutely going places, but just keep your eye on the 'ordinary warrior with an axe' thing that's getting starting in this version. He's looked more interesting and innovative in other iterations of him.