Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peaceful crature

Today I wanted to relax and draw something random. Again I draw very crappy legs. I've even put on the shoes for this elemental creature, but his legs are still looking broken. It is very obvious when I'm not using any reference, but I think it's a good practice.

Added: After few seconds of posting this I extended his left foot just a little bit and I feel that it looks a lot better now, but still something is wrong. It is very tricky to see my own mistakes. :/


  1. I feel rather sorry for this creature. He looks sad and shy. I like him! Also, I really like the new blog template, Dom - it's much more upbeat and confident-seeming. Nice.

  2. Yes, he's almost as sad and shy as the Elephant-man. :D It really took a while for the decision to change the template, I always thought that I probably couldn't make it better, but after experimenting on another blog I finally found what I like.