Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need some help for the hut.

 I've started modelling blacksmith's hut, but huge headache just doesn't let me to do it anymore today. The thing is that I'm not sure about how should I model it anymore and if I'm going on the right way? Church was much more simple it just had much more details, because it had mainly straight walls. This design have lots of curves and round areas. Up until now I was just playing around with vertexes from all sides, but it still doesn't get the right shape yet. Now the question is: what should I do to make it right, should I just stick on playing with vertexes from all sides until it will look fine? I'll try to explain as clearly as possible about what I've got now.

In this image you can see planks sticking out of the boat (The boat is supposed to be rolled over and half disassembled, it's like a roof for a part of the hut.)

Side view of working by the concept

Front view and not rolled over version of half of that boat. I also mirrored it to see the full shape.


All in all it looks too organic, like something soft... Can wood textures cover this feeling?


  1. Rather than smoothing, try using the Soften Edge/Harden Edges option. It's in the Polygon menu set under 'Normals'.

    This can help stop something looking too smooth. I used it here:

    Notice that the edges are still quite sharp.

  2. Softening the normals is all well and good if you're looking to import into a video game engine, or if low poly is an option. If you're looking for high res crisp details then it's not so much an option.

    You should probably consider the fact that you've gone way to dense, topology wise, way too fast. Cut down the poly count by half, maybe even 3 times, and start working on the overall shape on a more manageable level. Don't think about the planks yet. If you do it this way, then you can use the smooth tool with a division level of One to double the resolution and then extrude your planks from that. Always start more basic and add onto that, and never forget some of the other tools in your bag that can be used in less obvious ways to make the job easier. Block in the shape, and smooth it with 1 iteration in order to double your resolution; it works.

  3. Thanks. That sounds more reasonable to do.