Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Colouring Practise

I've done this for my sister's  wedding invitations, tell me what you think. There is not much of drawing, more picture combining, but I just wanted to make it looking good.


  1. Thats very eye boggling Domanatas, I have no criticisms here :D

  2. Interesting, I am guessing because it is for a wedding, you are not expecting proper photoshop artists who would say, oh god you used the basic filters, hehe.

    The car should stick out more, the buildings look really cool but they absorb the car. It takes time for the eye to go to the car and read the just married plate.

    The yellow is too warm, while the pink is to saturated, maybe if you desaturated the yellow, a bit like in the back though not as much, and improve the car, not too sure about the pink. The dark building behind the car is perfect for it too stick out, if it wasn't for the yellow building on the left.

    Are you going to add anything else?

  3. Well it is going to be in a square shape, so there won't be that yellow building. I'll desaturate the pink, maybe I'll make it more red. I should desaturate blue collour on the car windows too. I love bottom left ground piece, so I'll crop it out and take it to the middle that you could still see it.