Friday, December 3, 2010

Final idea

Too bad I can't show new thumbnails, but now I'm sure that I want to show the Moscow metro's main platform. There will be a stopped train with open doors flooding the room with black liquid. It would be even cooler if I could manage to make a very short video moving the camera from the main hall to the place where the train comes, stops, opens the door and black liquid flows out. I'm not sure if that is very hard to do... I've searched for pictures of that station on the internet, but if somebody knows or has a book with atleast some of those ceiling paintings it would really help a lot.

Here is the basic view of the place:

P.S. I just thought that still dolls could look creepy in the train too. Liquid could be like theire life flowing out of them.


  1. Unfortunetly I don't know about where to find the pictures other than maybe, they do seem like they'd be coupled with stain glass windows, something to do with churchs anyway~

    Other than that sounds like a cool idea, can't wait to see some sketches ^^

  2. I didn't actually get what were you talking about the church :D That has nothing about it and I don't see there any glass. Maybe it's because it is so affected by Stalinist architecture and have a lot of Stalin's neo-renessance and Soviet classicism influence. That instanly looks very beutiful, but at the same time a bit creepy thing. I will try to give some realistic feeling by using a real place.

  3. I get what you mean. I slightly got lost in the paintings themselves, and, hmm they kinda remind me of how some some religious paintings where/are done to show some kind of authenticity. (I kinda forgot about the scenery, didn't mean to confuse >.<)