Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unit 3 "Environment"

In this unit we are asked to produce a tableau vivant-style scene that combines a digitally modelled set with a matte painting. Our scene should demonstrate clear understanding of the various ways in which environments may derive and communicate their identity through their mise-en-scène. Aspect ratio for final scene should be 16:9

Since we have to make the uncanny (Freudian concept of an instance where something can be familiar, yet foreign at the same time, resulting in a feeling of it being uncomfortably strange ). I made few first ideas/thumbnails for my image. I was mostly inspired by Melanie Pullen's high fashion crime scenes and I will try to use similar lighting effects on my sets. The most active colours should be cold greenish blue in the background and vermilion red for details.

First I imagined a wheelbarrow full of old grass in the middle of the road in a farm with a noticeable lying legs behind it. Later i thought I could use just the shoes instead of legs and make a passage to the grass and noticeably stopping on a certain spot. The weather should be cold, so it wouldn't look that somebody just stopped to lie down.

Another idea would be a train tunnel . The image would be a shadow walking through the rails with a train in the background, the train could have strong lighting. Not sure if I should make a train in motion or not (make it feel like it is moving), because train stopped in the middle of the tunnel would look weird and more likely what would that shadow do in a place like that? If the train would be in motion it would be very obvious what is about to happen, but a bit thrilling I think.

Thinking about movement and still provoked this diagram from wiki page

The shadow could resemble one of mentioned things in this diagram.
The most uncanny image must "evoke the fear of death, dying and mortality" according to Karl MacDorman.

Later I thought about the scenes in the stations and eventually tried to take a real Moscow train station for the scene, because I just remembered how effective it was in the "hitman" game and what incredible architecture it has.

I could also use a shore with abandoned lighthouse or something. I could make it falling apart, but still lighting the light. There could also be some broken ships on the cliff. This Idea is good, because I could use quite some drawn background and show more space.

So, these are my ideas and please help to concentrate on the most interesting that you think for now. I'm in a hurry, because I'm coming home for christmas and won't be able to do some serious work during that time.

My interest atracted few videos on youtube clearly explaining the facts of uncanny valley:

And this one was really very interesting.:


  1. Hey Domantas - there is something pretty unnerving about the underground - something filmmakers have been quick to pick up on - so, for your delight and delectation - watch the following:


  2. Thanks it is going to help me a lot while making digital drawings.