Monday, November 8, 2010

Random sketching

From now on I'm starting to fill my sketchbook  with various character/creature designs, because I found it very interesting. I wonder if my imagination could improve like that.





  1. sounds like a good idea to me; I certainly find doodling helps my imagination (plus it builds up a bunch of odd little ideas that turn out to be useful later on)

  2. Interim Online Review 09/11/10

    Hey Domantas,

    In some respects, I'm REALLY disappointed there's so little on your blog at this stage! I suppose I feel this way, because I was looking forward to seeing more of that very expressive, painterly style - I like its expressionistic qualities and freedom of line. I also feel this way because I think you should be producing more, creating a buzz and setting an example; this might sound old-fashioned - I don't care - you're a talented student, and now I need you to be a very dedicated, very productive one too. It's not that I doubt your creativity - or your imaginative powers, I just think you should be making a much bigger impression and producing an extraordinarily comprehensive body of work. Perhaps you're just not organising yourself to update this workspace and there's lots and lots of interesting work I'm not seeing? If this is true, then your missing out on opportunities for discussion and debate. This sounds negative - what I'm really saying is 'Be AMAZING'!

    More specifically - there's nothing on your blog yet in which you articulate or demonstrate your 'visual concept'? There is no research into your author, his cultural position, his own influences; there's no clear research into geography, ethnicity; there's no visual research into styles, colour values - and no evidence yet of your understanding of production design. In this sense, you body of work has a great big hole in it, which I'm expecting you to fill - not simply to satisfy the brief, but more significantly, because knowing more about your story might just reveal a new visual direction.

  3. The WORST thing you can do for this project is simply produce generic spaces - however beautifully painted. You have been commissioned to shape and design a cinematic world - for an animation (not live-action) - therefore, realism is just another style you MIGHT consider using. Don't overlook the significance of your 'visual concept' - and if you haven't read the production design-based extracts on myUCA/Space/Unit Materials (and I'm assuming you haven't), I suggest you take a look. When you stand up on crit day, what I'll be MOST interested in is WHY your spaces look the way they do...

    Regarding your reviews; I'm suggesting students write them as 'formally' as possible (i.e. avoid the first person etc.) to get them to feel at ease with academic convention. I'm going to suggest you do the same.

    In truth - your essay proposal makes me very nervous. I'm just not seeing any content that will satisfy the criteria. Your enthusiasm and over-view of that genre of game is very clear, but that doesn't mean you should write about it for this purpose. I suggest you look at the guide I've posted on the group blog before you go any further. If you can't approach your game in this way, don't.

    Here is a list of links back to the CGAA Group Blog, where I have recently uploaded loads of information regarding the way I want students to tackle their written assignments. As you now prepare your unit 2 assignments on production design, pay close attention to the advice given. I will be looking for clear improvement in terms of use of language, academic ‘voice’, use of conventions, argument structure and correct methods of referencing.

    Academic style/Do’s & Don’ts

    1st Person to 3rd person conversions

    Use of footnotes

    How to satisfy essay criteria/assignment presentation/hyperlink to referencing methods

    Also – be sure to check out the 2 student essays uploaded to myUCA/Space/Unit Materials – good examples of degree level written assignments. Take the time to read them.

  4. Ok, thanks a lot I will do what I can to fix these holes. About essay writing I'm actually considering to take another example now.