Friday, October 15, 2010

Young lithuanian director Tadas Vidmantas

I just admire all of his works. He usually does all sort of  short movies and comercials and I just wanted to share some of his works that I like the most:

First one is a comedy show consisting out of ten sequences shown on lithuanian mtv chanel not so long time ago

Second one I saw in my town's festival "I+town=cinema". It's a bit more serious clip, but still it doesn't loose some his humor sence.


And the last one is one of the soceal/documentary style comercials about the trip of bread and how shops give away products that have only one day validity left to poor people (It is so called "food bank"). That was not the first video of his telling about more important things to think than those that we experience every day and that nothing should be just thrown away, everything has its own purpose.


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