Thursday, September 30, 2010

La Belle et la Bête (1946) Rewiev

La Belle et la Bête is another movie that we have been watching during our studies. It is a beautiful well known tale directed by French poet and filmmaker Jean  Cocteau. What I liked about this movie was that it wasn't just an ordinary entertaining movie like "Cat people", It had that European feeling and It was very theatrical because of the character's intonations, movements and costumes.
First of all I wanted to mention that I could actually feel the main actress's metamorphosis during the movie (The Beast was obvious, but The Beauty had her inner changings). At the beginning she was just an ordinary but beautiful, kind and a bit special because of that working class girl. She had a huge attention of men and could have been living like a princes if she just would have wanted to, but she didn't wanted to leave her father and live happily just on her own knowing that her family would be condemned to have a hard life because they wouldn't be able to take care of them selves.
Later she is forced to leave her family to save her beloved father and starts changing. She becomes more and more likely similar to a queen. The beast can see her good hearth and provides her with everything what he can by his magical powers. I think she gets a bit spoiled and sometimes it seemed that she felt her power against the beast and started demanding things that she really wants. It would have never happened if her life wouldn't have been changed so dramatically.
The other interesting thing was that everything was very theatrical. Shadow playing when the arms holding the candles released them and they were still hanging in the air reminded me one Japanese reality show where people are making strange and funny performances while using the same old school effects. Slow motion effects in some scenes were also very effective.
I really liked this movie a bit more then "Cat People" just because I saw some more meaning in it, Even if it was a fairy tail It seemed to be more reasonable, well-balanced, everything was clearlyer (Although It could be not such a good thing, because a viewer doesn't have to think so much). That is a classic movie which I've seen not for a first time, but I still think that everybody just has to know about it.

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