Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cat People 1942 Rewiev

The film "Cat people" built in 1942 directed by Jacques Torneur and produced by Val Lewton is a famous classic movie. It begins quickly without a big introduction and shoots you directly into the action. First scene in the zoo seemed a bit shallow when a guy named Oliver is hitting on a main character and shows off by making a long throw of a paper garbage into a bin. Actions like that should have been admired by those times American audience, but if you would try imagine something like that in now days television it would remind me one of the commercials of Justin Bieber ( A bad example, I know, but it seemed really stupid).
Later Irena started introducing her country's past and should have made me an impression of some kind exotic and mysterious person, faked accent was quite convincing too. The ancient story that she was telling Oliver could have had some real slices of Serbian tales, because V. Lewton was Russian-born and could have really known some mythology or historical evens connected to it. 
After that they have married in a blink of an eye. Ofcourse they have mentioned that two moths have past, but this scene made me a bit puzzled. During this scene we've seen another cat woman which even said "my sister" in Russian language with a horrible accent (it was a bit funny). Even after the wedding their behavior did not changed at all, they were acting samely as in the beginning when they have just met each other - That was a bit awkward. I know that Irena had her reason, but even if they haven't slept or even kissed each other, that doesn't mean that they should be acting just like friends even after marriage.
Eventually Oliver took Irena to a psychiatrist after her refusing to sleep with him because of her strange beliefs. His actions became a bit harsh (and that's a good thing, because until then I haven't noticed any real emotions except for some Irena's cryings about her disability...). During the time Oliver departs from Irena and falls in love with his colleague Alice (So I will tell it straight - Irena was exotic and Oliver just had to marry her after two moths and not so much time after he was bored and decided to dump her because he still had no sex). Sadly when Irena has lost her fears and already wanted to give her self to him, he just told her the truth. The scene in the museum was harsh too. Asking your wife out and staying with another woman is just too clear what he's up to.
The famous bus scene was good because it was a first trying to shock people like that in cinema's history. It probably didn't shocked me because I was expecting for something to happen then.
Because of her gunge Irena starts scaring Alice and Oliver. The scene in the office when everybody starts to believe in her tales was crazy, Irena seemed to have super powers and acted like a panther ghost. The line "In the name of the god" was something what I didn't expected Oliver shooed away evil with his own belief (that should have please a big part of those times American audience).
 Anyway finlay her doctor kisses her and gets killed. After that she opens a cage of a panther and if I understood correctly commits a suicide by doing it.
The movie was ok, especially when you know that it had a low budget. Shadow playing and various figurativities was giving some meaning to this movie. Also classic thing was that even the most powerful evil dies in the end, but I actually felt sorry for the main character's fate.

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