Friday, August 20, 2010

What I want from my free time

You may ask me after reading this why I decided to study animation and CG arts instead of music, because most of my posts until now were about it, but to avoid somekind of misunderstandings I have to say that I never meant to play guitar perfectly and I couldn't live without visual arts as well as without movies, music, sports, food or love... Those are like the main directions in my life. The reason of this post is that I don't want to loose such a good and precious free time activity. It doesnt require too much time - atleast a couple of hours per week for repetitions on weekends or any other spare time. I hope that one day I will be able to conect somehow my musical and visual experience by making movie trailers or video clips :)

For me everything started in the after-class art school. Since I could play few chords and my frend was a beatboxer, one guy asked to make a song for Panevezys Youth Organizations "Round Table" birthday party. We found a girl which had a pretty voice and completed the task. After this we found it very interesting to play music and since all of us were from the same school we did not hesitated and created a school band

After waching this I still rofl so hard. God, we sucked and we were so shy :DD The worst thing that the voice near the filmer clearly said something like: "Dude, I don't know how to use this thing" and in the middle of the song he turned off the sound of my guitar...
Later I with drummer started wantig something more and found two other guys who had the same ideas as we did and thats how the story of The Sold Out Generation begins.


We started playing In basements like that and it was such a warm enviroument. We started having our own real listeners who realy enjoyed the music created by our own thoughts, feelings and ideas.
 Since the time was passing we understood that things like anarchy, socealism and all other isms have theire own huge minuses and not so much of good things... We understood that we don't care about politics or other soceal problems, all that we had was only that young frustration, so thats why we changed our name into simply The Sold Outs

We started having concerts in differnet towns like Kaunas or Vilnius. I don't think that there was even a single one without broken strings or drumsticks. We were almost adicted to that crazy audience that we had. One of the best experiences was playing with angry finish girls band called Comfusa - they even invited us to go to Finland, but since we sitll were like just a teenagers It would have been too much for us at that moment I think.

The Crazyest and the one that will never be forgotten concert was In Vilnius - We started finaly playing without mistakes and people were almost like flying from the stage. That wild atmosphere is the thing that I have never expected to even happen.
Time was still passing and we were invited to a huge open air festival called Gadi. That was the moment when I felt so lonely and tiny in that huge stage full of lights and noise between famous local bands and singers. Our performance sucked, but people still liked it. :D I'm not sure if that huge pop scene is the thing for me, maybe I have to be more mature and experienced before that.

Everything what we have done was about the expresion. You can never imagine how far you can go only by spending few hours in a week for a constant work. I really don't want to loose this feeling in England and I wont stop because this is a part of me. So if you know anyone playing an instrument, singing or having a place for repeticions please tell me. :D

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