Thursday, October 25, 2012

Choosing Filming Area And Entering Dockyard's Public Competition

The Tour:

Today I had a tour around the historic Chatham Dockyard and took loads of pictures to use them for the development of my idea since I chose it as my environment. My created object will be animated by the sound and will have to look like it belongs to the environment that it is based on. To enter all the areas of the Dockyard and use them for my project I had to enter the contest called "Art in the Dockyard". This contest allows me to use and film in the areas not available for everyone (such as: The top floor of the "ropery").

Information for Entrants:

"Art in the Dockyard", The Historic Dockyard's public art competition, returns this summer. The competition is open to all artists, amateur and professional, aged 17 and above who live, work or study in Kent-Medway. All entrants will have an opportunity for their work to be selected and from next year's spring exhibition "Art in the Dockyard 2013" held in our award winning cultural destination No.1 Smithery: The Gallery.


The top floor of the "ropery" is a fantastic place because it has this endless corridor in which you can't se the other side because it seems like it is connecting with the horizon line. Slip in no. 3 with endless wooden arches going all the way to the top is another amazing environment to film.


Slip in no.3:

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