Monday, May 7, 2012

Horrific Hyena + Trilobite

I decided every now and then start doing little exercise which I will call "Horrific +". I will pick randomly selected two animals and blend them together. I realised that some of my designs are looking pretty generic, because I am not sure how things look in reality. This exercise will help me to memorise features from different creatures which I will be able to adapt to my later concepts. In this way little by little I will build up my knowledge bank muscle and I will start popping out original designs quicker and more often. This time I have Hyena and Trilobite. It is pretty nasty combination, but very interesting at the same time. For every peace I will give no more then three one and a half hour sessions. Taking breaks will help me to see more mistakes that I can't see straight away.

Fantastic Animal Generator:

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