Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zbrush magick

And so the image is very pretty, but on the other hand not very useful. I tried to import the displacement map to maya, but it just didn't worked for me, the whole model just went crazy. Hopefully I will manage to solve this problem quickly and will be able to start rigging. This render is taken straight from Zbrush and I am very glad to see that it looks very similar to my concepts.


  1. Nice blur effect, makes the model look real!

    Great stuff dom you have really improved.

  2. Looks really good Dom. I don't know if you have sorted the problem importing the displacement maps yet? I noticed on your previous post the UV maps are the wrong way round, (red not blue), flip them over and it may cure it?

  3. I just made them red, because I prefered the color. Maybe I shouldn't do that next time, bet there were some messed up UVs and I fixed them. I guess I also have to ajust the displacement map and it's settings, because I'm not sure what I'm doing with it.