Friday, February 17, 2012

Grendel's third Concept

I took one of the most recent sketches and pushed it forward and now it looks much easier to read. Lots of reference from Celtic and nature ornaments is really helping a lot. I'm sure design needs more tweaking, but I can feel that it becomes much stronger every time as I represent a different version.

I also tried to record some of my stuff, because it is always nice to watch your own quick process and try to find short-cuts, so that next time you could draw similar thing much quicker or better, but this time I messed up. The video is not focused on the drawing and I also had resolution problems which dropped down the quality a lot, but next time I should remember to check my settings before recording.


  1. I really like the way the face works Dom! Very unique looking :)

  2. Its getting there Dom. However look closer at the spine - get the same flow you have in the details into the core of the characters. Think abstract flowing arcs from head to toe in his skeleton. What shape does his arm, spine, and leg make? At the moment its a straight (rigged) line.