Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dwarf Sindri

Sindri (from the "Old Norse" language "sindr" means spark) is one of not that well known characterd from Norse mythology. He is considered to be a dwarf who created few magical things for gods. One of those was the legendary hammer of Thor. He also showed up in the saga of Thorstein, Viking's son.He helps Thorstein to defeat a powerful enemy  and to escape when he is taken as a prisoner. He is known as a very talented and smart craftsman. In Norse mythology dwarfs couldn't be exposed to the daylight without a special cloak because it turns them into stone permanently. Dwarfs usually live for hundreds of years and can work for many hours without a break, so in order to protect them selves from their biggest weakness they carve enormous underground cities to live in. Dwarfs were considered to be the product of the primordial blood of the being Brimir and the bones of Bláinn. Those primeval giants were created from dusts, ice, mud and clay, so it relates to their living in the underground and turning back to stone form. I chose to base my project on this character and since I'm still going for a design for a game I started again from silhouettes. Any Ideas about this fellow are very welcome.

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