Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Narrative Project Round-Up

So since I finally have some time for this blog while my group's animation is rendering I decided to share some stuff that I've done for it.

I have to start from a very beginning. We started from random environment ideas.

Then as we had some discussions of what kind of mutated creatures we could have in the swamp killing people around I really liked tadpole and frog idea. Mother frog could be like a boss and tadpoles with younger frogs something like minions. With this next concept I wanted to show the evolution of this creature.

In this third concept sketch I was thinking that since it is a b-movie there should be a cliche hero with a gun massively fighting against evil. I can easily imagine angry redneck in Alabama doing this. This sketch also helps to define the size of the creatures compared to people.

Redneck Teenager

Another possible swamp creature: Flaming lizard

Poisonous Tadpole

First idiea's pre-viz:

Then we finalized totaly different scenarion for the trailer and everything changed:
we had this huge cast with six characters. Twins, mom, dad, and two fishermen, but in the end we chose to leave only mother and daughter. 

Studio logo versions:
Few Ideas that we came up for our logo.

The last one that we worked out together and it fitted for all of us the best, so we had to stick with this one:

Then I made this new animatic for our new Idea

I made few character variations:

I worked on matte paintings:


Matte Paintings

Screenshot of the Scene

Trees and leaves:

Then I started playing around with textures and shaders:

Modelled a car:

I tried to give some advice how characters could look better simply by tweaking the face.
Tweaked version on the right:

Textured the characters:

Done some tests with environments:

Animated few scenes:

Rendered few scenes:

And there is more coming soon!


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