Monday, November 7, 2011

Prologue to the "Phoenix Brotherhood", Aplistia and all other new stuff...

Sidekick Gab should look fruity and delicious, She is a bit clumsy, can barely fly, but has some special powers. She can't use them by herself anymore, so hero Alithius gains the ability to use her.

This is very generic hero's look with some armor. I still have plans for few different designs.

I wanted to add for this weapon more harpoon/spear-like shape, so this is what I've got at the moment.

New evolved design of the villain is now a Capricorn corrupted by a human made stone that devours powers of gods called Aplistia. When Aplistia reveals its powers Capricorn's head bends back and you can see its face in the throat area. His left eye popped out when Aplistia devoured him, so you can see straight through the scull a little peace of  Aplistia's forehead.

Inspired by the last villain design that I'm working on now I elaborated my prologue to the story of the "Phoenix brotherhood" for several seasons of the show and it also should clearly explain all ongoing plot.

Phoenix Brotherhood Prologue

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