Friday, October 28, 2011

Some detailed silhouettes

So last decision was to get back to more stronger and less feminine then the last one character design. I tried to make all the detail easily readable and stable straight from the pose and silhouette. After this now I will be able to make really detailed clothing and body atributes (like tattoos or earrings).

I also decided to make my prop into more interesting gadget. To make it work character had to collect three parts: Vortex Paddle, Axe of fury and String of Thunder. these things combined can create an ultimate weapon to fight gods in three ways: Vortex Paddle can blow away any elemental attacks and it is more defensive one, but can turn enemies attacks against him, Axe of Fury is the best close range brutal weapon and String of Thunder shoots arrows in the speed of light.

It took too long for me to clean simple sketches and I always was unhappy about them from the anatomical side. I chose generic pose that I liked and took a picture of myself simply to block out my own shapes in the way that I want.