Friday, October 7, 2011

Basic hero line-art and story

Story of the Hero:

This person, named Alithius (Similar to Greek word Alithia meaning truth), was born and grown in a little village close to the sea. The village was famous by it's honorable, hard working and strong people. Gods in this world loved to play around with people fates and show off. In this case Poseidon who ruled seas and areas around with his rough dictatorship decided to teach human kind a lesson that they shouldn't trust too much in their own powers and show how weak and vulnerable they are by flooding this village with a huge wave of tsunami and completely vanishing it from the surface of the ground. One boy (Alithius) managed to survive, because he was saved by a pirate ship going by right after the accident.

A clan of Pirates called "Vulture brotherhood" like usually were looking for the treasures or any kind of goods in the place of the disaster, but instead they only could find this boy. He seemed to be somehow special straight from the beginning so Pirates decided to keep him and grow as one of them. Alithius never forgot what happened and scars left after the accident always reminded him everything. He decided to become respected by the pirates, unite their power in the fight against Poseidon and his powers and bring back peace and justice to his land...

This literally took hours to clean up, but I'm glad that I did it. I'm still considering maybe to add a bit more southern/Arabic nose to make it more pirate'ish. And I just noticed that his left hand should look forward, not backwards... Now I'm trying to find a good color palette for this and since I have this strong shape I will be able to worry less about deforming my character by focusing too much just on colors. Anyway, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable and confident by drawing characters then this summer.


  1. I know you are racing ahead here with this design, but always remember your character. Although you have described your hero as very agile, i think you may have lost that feeling with these designs - he looks more solid and strong (there are more squarish form in the construction), so perhaps you need to look at using more flexible shapes in his construction. I would try out some other body shapes, before rushing into colour and detail, however tempting

  2. I wanted him to look strong and agile at the same time. Something like Simbad or Prince of Persia. I also wanted to leave a bit small head to give this feeling that he is really tall and self confident. I'll try to make him maybe a bit slimmer even though he looks already pretty slim. Do you think that I should make him more cartoony, or is it OK to stick to that kind of style? I really don't want to make him built up like Aladin, but maybe in this case it is a better solution?

  3. P.S. I just wondered... Since the story goes through approximately 15 years of this character's life, so maybe I could make two versions of him. Young and agile, when he was living in his village and another - stronger, more mature and confident version like this?

  4. I think you may be able to give much more of a flexible feel with his clothing and hair, rather than radically altering his build. Body language can also help here, to indicate movement. It may well help to create a younger version, if you have time - if its important to the story then I think it could be great to show.
    Regarding style I wouldnt feel like you have to go for style you are not comfortable with - after all these are your characters. I think though that you may be able to find a way of softening him, by not defining every muscle.

    Regarding head size, I feel its a little small - he is in line with superman, standing 8+ heads tall - you may want to reduce that to 6 or 7
    Anyway, great stuff so far Dom.