Monday, September 26, 2011

Rough first sketches for the character design project

So here I am finally in my second year of CG arts and animation. At the same time I have two projects. One of them is about character design. I was given random adjectives to crate a character and my task is - "Mythical Pirates". First lecture was a quick warm up doing sketches with different adjectives. I had an eclectic cop and zombie soldier. And you can see my first results here.

After that I started sketching Mythical pirates. We have to make a hero, a sidekick and a villain with the spice of 90's like "teenage ninja turtles" or "Thundercats". I instantly had this idea of this protagonist - young captain of the pirates collecting artifacts of gods in order to take over all seven seas of his world, defeat Poseidon (Ancient Greek god of seas) And take his power - Telekinetic control of water.

Sidekick is this Phoenix/Parrot that he finds in one of his journeys. She is very attached to this pirate because of his personality and helps him in the most difficult situations.

Poseidon in this case is the antagonist. He rules seas with his iron fist/hook. In one of the fights for the sea against him our hero looses his leg. Poseidon is actually just a small vulnarable squid, but he makes his shape to defend and fight with his power to control the water. He feels a huge inadequacy for what he actually is and since he has this power he throws his anger to everybody.


  1. so dynamic, Dom - love this last drawing!

  2. Hi Dom,
    I need to see your character synopsis and character bios fleshed out, asap, but your initial idea is pretty strong.