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Review: Ed Wood (1994), Tim Burton

This assignment will be critically analyzing Tim Burton's movie "Ed Wood". It is based on real facts with a light spice of humor. This review is based on Roger Ebert's, James Berardinelli's and Edward Guthmann's reviews.

 Figure 1

Edward D. Wood junior was definitely not a common personality. Edward Guthmann describes Ed Wood as: "an entertaining, oddly affectionate look at the cross-dressing grade-Z moviemaker who died in disgrace but won a unique, posthumous notoriety when the Golden Turkey Awards named him ``The Worst Director of All Time.'' (Friday, April 21, 1995, San Francisco Chronicle). James Berardinelli says that: "A title like "the Worst Director of All Time" virtually assures that people will remember Ed Wood, although perhaps not in exactly the way the filmmaker would have preferred" (date of publishing is unknown, Reelviews). This person had definitely different logic then anybody else and that's what made him so unique. he had this totally different understanding in which he saw himself as an unrecognized genius. These ideas takes us into a very postmodern way of thinking. We must understand that everything looks absolutely different from another perspective and every person has his own way of seeing. Ed Wood was a person who saw everything in the way that nobody else could see.

 Figure 2

All in all Roger Ebert explains: "He was so in love with every frame of every scene of every film he shot that he was blind to hilarious blunders, stumbling ineptitude, and acting so bad that it achieved a kind of grandeur. But badness alone would not have been enough to make him a legend; it was his love of film, sneaking through, that pushes him over the top." (October 7, 1994, Chicago Sun Times). He used to find those weirdest people for his movies and couldn't see anything wrong in anything what he used to do.


Roger Ebert's review:

James Berardinelli's review:

Edward Guthmann's review


Figure1: Ed wood with woman clothes

Figure2: Lugosi's typical looks.

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