Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wrapping up the story


This project is done for the given soundtrack, which I've mentioned before, reminds a lot adventures, journey and fantastic traveling mood. Eventually the story about something that I want to show by it just developed in my head.


The most adventurous time for me is the 16th century. At the time Spain and Portugal explored the world's seas and opened world-wide oceanic trade routes. Large parts of the New World became Spanish and Portuguese colonies, and while the Portuguese became the masters of Asia's and Africa's Indian Ocean trade, the Spanish opened trade across the Pacific Ocean, linking the Americas with Asia. My world doesn't match to real historic events and I don't want to do it, but it gives the main idea of what should be happening there at the time and it helps to get the right influences and references.


The place I'm creating is an old destroyed fortress built in the middle of the sea on a cliff few centuries ago to the present story time. It was built there not for defending purposes, but mainly because it was a perfect stopping place between long "voyages". It is rich of materials and food supplies which allows to refill journey reserves for the travelers and that is why people started living there again (it is a perfect business point). All people living there are mainly fishermen and guards. Local people work hard to save the cliff and uses everything what it gives in full usage. Since a lot of money goes through the place, danger is always close. people living on the cliff must be aware not only of the nature lyrics, but also pirates that are always hanging around or greedy foreigners that wants to occupy and colonize the place. Because of these difficulties the cliff always gets damaged, but there are also  local craftsmen that do their best to keep the order and shape of it.


The church in the place is a sanctuary of people's belief and sometimes is even used to defend. The fortress that was built there before was destroyed by foreign armies, even though people living there are always as diplomatic as possible.

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