Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mary the Yellow vs Cameron Diaz

Yesterday I saw, but not for the first time "There's something about Mary" movie. I found both Marys (from the movie and my concepts) a bit similar, not just because of the names, but also looks. I imagined my character exactly like a younger version of Cameron Diaz. I also wanted to render my concept perfectly with defined line art to understand every detail in the drawing just like I failed to do it in the environments before and I did it. I am now even glad that the hands are looking OK now. next step of learning would be to draw a full sized character with feet. Before That I've tried to make a bit more cartoony version of that girl, but I really disliked it. The end result looks really satisfying at least for now. Later I'll try hard not to change it too much by layering colours. For the hands I remembered a very good photoshop Phil advice to keep them on separate layer. I think it really worked now.

And I used this photo of Cameron Diaz for face  reference. In the end I pretty much changed it as I wanted.

I also used my old a bit more steam punk character sketch.

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