Friday, August 26, 2011

Half of the side modelled.

I'm a bit worried now about the proportions. Since I haven't decided it before modelling, I'll have to come back to this part later and the reason is that I'll have to make some normal size doors and realistic fences. I'm starting to really dislike those rough windows in the front entrance wall and towers. I'll definitely have to find a way to change those. The other thing that I've noticed is that polygons with alpha layered textures doesn't seem to have shadows. I'll probably have to use less of those, but on the other hand I found a great way  to add wines all around my church without actually modelling it. For the big hall windows I was thinking whether I should or should not use mental ray smoothing ability, because I wanted those arches to be smoother. I decided not to use it because there are going to be much more things that will use up all of the computer power.

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