Saturday, July 9, 2011

Caribbean Pirate

I've started this several weeks ago, checked it out again today and thought that it looks alright although I haven't noticed that massive right arm back then. I haven't noticed many other mistakes too until it was a bit too late, so I will have to start doing harsh editing by cropping and transforming some parts. I haven't used any reference so measuring was very hard and important. Filling colors is a challenge compared to line-art and black and white drawing, but even so I'm probably not spending enough time on those two.

Again after a break I'm seeing that there is still much to do with this one. All I like is left shoulder and torso. The spine might look not right too, but I still like it. Right shoulder should be lifted up, the whole right arm position should probably be changed and same goes for the legs, face looks dirty, I'm not too sure about left forearm and elbow.

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