Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beginning of the Summer project

For the summer project I have to make almost anything adapted to a certain soundtrack. I have a pretty solemn and medieval song. My idea is to make a sequence of concept drawings following the music for the beginning. There will be shown a feast in a quite old looking town. I still have no Idea where is that song from, but it doesn't bother me, I'll just try to make something as I feel. I made this concept in two days as I received my new precious computer. :D I will use this for the begging scene. Those concepts also will be moving and there also might be some characters. The final thing might look differently as I imagine, but at the moment I know what I'm doing and it's going on OK. I love that experimenting, because I can find so many new techniques and ways to do things on photoshop although as I tried hard not to loose too much of color I lost the depth of the drawing. I might comeback to this one later.

And here's some of the progress. As you can see I went straight with the colors just by knowing that I want to make a town with a certain pallet.


  1. Hey there Dom, check out Max Ernst in particular his frottages. Might prove inspirational.

  2. Hey Dom - love, love, love the colour here! Remind me again what your soundscape is? I can send you the file if that would be useful...

  3. I have the soundtrack - It's number 11.