Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Idea for The Unit 6

Another project idea is about HIV. The story is again simple - A virus shows up, gets into a white blood cell, changes DNA information and the cell creates many other viruses destroying itself. The style will be greatly influenced by Norman McLarens's animations.

Today i tried to record some music so that I could base my animation on certain rhythm.

I also started several concepts to imagine how everything should look like. At the beginning i would show my virus just as it is shown in most of the books and illustrations, but when the action starts I would change it into a smoking back beast. White body cell will be like a pure milky white pearl.

This concept is still very much in progress.

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  1. Hey Dom - it was genuinely lovely to see you making music in the baseroom when I came down from the crit :D The idea of morphing from a 'conventional' representation of the virus - to something more metaphorical has lots of potential and I urge you to seize this idea and work your proverbial socks off to ensure that your crit day is a memorable one - and the Pitch, but a memory...