Friday, May 20, 2011

HIV Animation Preview

It is too early to finish this, because i still have time to polish everything. It looks alright now, but I'll probably improve the DNA scene. I'm also still not sure if that much of explanations in the video would be enough. It is supposed to be shown in public places for all kind of people just to remind or maybe explain a bit about something that they should know.


  1. Hey Dom - it's great that you've posted so early - so prepare for the inevitable feedback:

    There's loads of energy here - and it's part of what's working well; however, there are at least 3 different 'styles' going on in this piece - not least the scene that is heavily widescreened - which then disappears. Also, I know that Peter is going to want to see more actual content in terms of the way HIV operates; you need a win/win here - satisfy yourself, satisfy the client; right now, you've got one bit right. Also, I'd suggest the use of text is really mundane here - it feels like an add on; take a look at these examples of using after effects to truly embed text elements into the world of your animation:

  2. Hey Dom,
    I think this needs a scene that shows the HIV actually entering the white blood cell and its method of entry, at the moment that part of the story is a little vague. I don't think you will have problems slotting it in there without disrupting the flow.

  3. Thanks a lot for your feedback, Pghil and Simon.

    I agree about the clash of the styles sometimes, but it's mainly still because of just not knowing some technical things yet. At the beggining that toon shaded circulatory system doesn't really fit to the style of the virus, but it's because if i wanted to make those particles running out of the virus in the way as it is now I could only use maya hardware and so I couldn't use advanced texturing for it with that kind of rendering engine. I'll need some help from Simon or Alan later about it. Second thing - yes, aspect ratio changing is really too random and I will rerender that scene in the right way (It was just a mistacke)and it's not the only reason why I should do it - some frames had some glitches in the bottom which could be fixed i guess. third thing would be to add "virus getting in" scene which wouldn't be too hard because of the timeline, but more because again of different rendering engines. The timing thing could be solved by increasing the speed of cell explosions, because I imagined them to happen much faster and more cut from different angles. And in the end again I'll try to play arround with after effects to make more interesting interface if I'll have enaugh time.