Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can't imagine How to make fonts to work

I went throught two after effects tutorials that explained me basic stuff of what I could do with the fonts, but both of them didn't seemed to be right. Those fonts anyway seems to be too basic or just falls out of the style.



I've rendered animation without fonts and kind of stuck for a while in this point. I really don't know where to start changing something.

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  1. Dom - watch this trailer for Snatch:


    Your animation has a real 'trailer' energy - notice in Snatch how it uses freeze-frame + titles - in which the footage is stopped; information is given, and then it rushes forward again; I think you could use titles and text as imaginatively and propulsively in your film; slam in the titles 'bang!' - crank the footage backwards/forwards - punch to a freeze-frame in which the film posterises etc. You just need to make some big bold editorial decisions, Dom; cut into this footage and use the music to guide you.