Monday, February 14, 2011

Character Biographies/Descriptions

The Waiter

He is the main character - a very arrogant and egocentric person. His main goal is always to fulfill the tasks that he might imagine more important that they actually are. He must have had a pretty rough childhood in a very pedantic hardworking middle class family which was definitely giving it's best to align to the other most richest and aristocratic families.

A family of the customers that has to be served by the main character

It is a three people family - father, mother and a child. Father looks like a serious man, but he is definitely under control of his wife, because she looks much better dressed and self-confident. Child might look the most simple character - he is a bit hyper-active and loves something dedicated to him. It looks like a really warm and loving each other family with the most important thing - their offspring.

Secondary characters:

Fat lady

A very rich woman with luxurious pearls and jewelery around her neck and wrists.

Another waiter

A simple man trying to earn some money for his food of the day.


Another rich lascivious guy who thinks that can buy anything.

Gentleman's lady

Simple, beautiful, but probably not very smart girl.

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