Saturday, January 22, 2011

Possible ideas 1

First idea might look a bit banal, but when I thought about it more it looked like it just could work.

(Late evening, the environment is a luxurious restaurant with red carpets, paintings and wooden bar.)

1 Restaurant closes and it gets dark.

2 Suddenly some lights at the bar turns on and you can see few paintings on the walls.

3 In one of them is showed a tight-rope walker (a beautiful girl with a red dress and umbrella helping to keep her balance)- She starts moving; eventualy elegantly jumps right out of it out of.

4 A tight-rope walker sensualy goes down to the bar and sits down just like after a long day of work. That girl looks cold and just drained out.

5 Another painting starts moving. There is a boy with a pogo stick. He quickly jumps out of his picture and runs diwn to the girl. He looks like six years old, very childish and clumsy.

6 he tries to move the girl, but she just doesn't respond. He cant stay still and acts pretty anoying - throsd his stick on the bar, knocks his fingers to the surface of it rapidly, rolls his eyes all over the place, does strange noises, but nothing affects the girl.

7 A kid takes out some martini from the bar and gives a glass to a tight-rope walker.

8 She drinks it in one sip, hits the glas to the table, arogantly stands up and leasves the frame.

9 Kid calms down and hugs his stick like a drunk guy hugs a table...

10 Lights out.

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