Sunday, January 2, 2011

Metro colours and textures

I have to admit that right now I'm going away from the uncanny valley, so I will change the colorith into a colder one, still going to add some not working lamps and maybe sharper shadows would look better. (first one has all layers turned on) I really like the last one, but I think I still shouldn't leave it so abstract, so I will come back from the first to the second one just to repair the shadows next.

P.S. I just noticed that the last one also have something very interesting with the lighting on the right wall that I should leave.


  1. I really like the coloration here, Domantas - yes, I also really like the third image - some great qualities in there. Perhaps too painterly to strike the appropriate note - so I look forward to seeing more of your revisions. I don't think it's necessary that you move totally away from this palette to create your atmosphere - again, move the palette around in increments - and 'save as' as you go, so you can look between your choices and compare; I suggest too that you go really strident and expressionistic with your colours - really whack them up and down - you can always play with hue and desaturation and vibrance too - just see what it needs.

  2. Love those images dom really cool colours