Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two equal ideas = third idea

I decided that it is quite buring just to make something like abandoned luxurious train station, so there came an idea of making a luxurious hall with tanks and jibed famous painting in the background.

This morning I woke upe and thought that both ideas have theyre equal minuses and decided to merge them to make something in between - not too clear and not too boring.

I will put a tank in the station and use that painting on the last wall. I will also try to find new camera position to show the ceiling and everything else at the same time to make it more epic.

One way or another The image will talk about the meaningless war, arogance, slavery and power seeking/exposing and it might offend somebody which I'm not afraid to, but I'm not sure if it is ok to talk about things like that through works in the university and use absolutely obvious world war II symbolism.

Main inspiration came from:

Llithuanian movies like "Vortex" ("Duburys") Directed by Gytis Lukšas (2009)

And "Children of the hotel "America"" ("Vaikai iš Amerikos Viešbučio") directed by Raimundas Banionis. (1990)

"Balcony" ("Balkonas") directed by Giedrė beinoriūtė (2009)

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  1. produce the definitive thumbnail, Domantas... and, personally, making work with a message is fine by me... :)