Tuesday, December 14, 2010

@ Phil - Thumbnails

After talking to Alan I took few advices to make it more simple, not so obvious and more sophisticated, take a real camera position - for example standing/fallen person eye-sight or security camera shot, and use something like a left alone suitcase to make people think about the rest of the scenario

Now I need a third opinion for helping me to decide which camera wiev should I take:

1 Security camera
2 Human eye level
3 Just added some columns in the eye level
4 Fallen person eye-sight
5 wider security camera shot

I'm actually choosing between 1, 3 and 4


  1. Security camera would be awesome, but so would a fallen person's eye view. You could fade and blur the edges of the image so it looks like the person is slightly closing their eyes to give it a really creepy feel!

  2. I don't think the security camera is the best choice, it would typically just look like someones left a suitcase on the platform.

    Now, if you did it from a fallen 'victim' and had the contents of the suitcase sprawled out across the platform, that could offer much more tension. Perhaps keep it night time, with very few sources of light, I know when I'm on a platform alone at night I find it an aweful experience.

  3. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Domantas,

    At risk of confusing you utterly, I disagree that your viewpoint need have some specific origin; for instance, Gregory Crewdson's 'Hover' series of photographs derived their entire energy from the non-human viewpoint (hence the title). Also, the image of a left suitcase at a train station has become incredibly common in these terror-attack heightened times - indeed, there is nothing unusual about the image, as it's used in advertisements on stations all the time. Obviously, in terms of constructing your set in Maya, there is a practical purpose to simplifying your scene, but you were doing something interesting before - something very connected to a specific time and place and context - and in this sense, your ideas were very photographic in nature - and I was intrigued.

    In regard to the 'object' left on the platform, I'd look at de Chirico or Magritte for possible inspiration. Surrealism happens when disparate items are collided. What would look absolutely bizarre to you if you were to find it abandoned in the middle of a station platform?

    I'd like to see you create a piece of concept art that sits 'between' all the advice you've been given; it's easier said than done, but make something inexplicable and strange and 'Domantas'...

  4. Regarding your Unit 3 written assignment, see link: