Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Main yard again

Few more variations of the same painting:

I'm still working on mixed-cultural statue, because I still think that African style statue wouldn't be elegant in the eyes of European traveler as it was said in the text.

I've done the second one last night, but the first one seems to be much more effective.


  1. I just love the energy and expressiveness of this last study, Domantas - it's just visually very exciting! I love the freedom and confidence of your mark making too - really working with the medium. Great :-)

  2. oh - and the blog layout is already much more professional and homogenous; I just wonder if you might now walk that fine line between keeping it neutral and subordinate to the content - while also managing to be a little more expressive of your character? For instance, perhaps you might take an expressive detail from one of your latest digital paintings - something abstract that expresses 'energy and creativity' and use that as a background for your blog... I know it's not a 'top priority', but your blog is like your virtual workspace or studio and I'd like it to feel distinct... something to think about in a quieter moment :-)

  3. Oh yes, I was going to do that eventually.