Saturday, November 20, 2010

Essay changing ideas

From Celtic MMORPG games I decided to jump to dualistic  atmosphere movies. Firstly I thought to write about "the lovely bones", when girl dies and gets stuck in perfect/inperfect imaginary world between heaven and real world. Two big spaces to write about, beutifull and sad story...

Later I remembered quite similar story - "Pan's Labyrinth"(El laberinto del fauno ). It has almost the same aspect of imaginary world, but there would be much more to talk aboud the first - real world. Real world there is closely connected to historical events and the story gets much more sophisticated.

Second reason to write about "Pan's Labyrinth" would be that the imaginary world has it's own different story from the real world, while "Lovely bones" have just shiny concept nature. These two things helped to make my mind for now.

All in all... the easyest thing to do would probably be to take a Harry  Potter becaouse I have read his books saw all movies, there are loads of responses, but I think I just won't do this now, somehow it looks quite not original idea, don't know why.

And now I remembered another movie that I admire and would have a lot to tell... I'm confused a bit.

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